About Department

Successful completion of this Science, Technology, Engineering and Math based, 4-year program at SYMBIOSIS SKILLS & PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY, PUNE will help in gaining fundamental knowledge and skills in the high-demand, multidisciplinary area of field of mechatronics. “Mechatronics” is a synergistic combination of Mechanical & Electronics engineering, though it actually also includes in depth coverage of computer controls.

Mechatronics integrates principles from four engineering disciplines: electrical, mechanical, computer, and industrial. Thus, students will learn about robots, machines, electronics, hydraulics & pneumatics, electrical motor controls, sensors, computer-aided design (CAD), programming, programmable logic controls (PLC), diagnostics, computer numeric control (CNC), and other topics that together form the basis of “smart” devices used in robotics and advanced automated systems. This important knowledge is needed not only by highly skilled technicians who help install, program, trouble-shoot and fix problems, but also by engineers who plan, design, develop, or otherwise work with complex mechatronic systems.