Skill Development

1) Modelling and Simulation of Mechanism using MSC.Adams Software
2) Analysis of Velocities and Acceleration in Mechanism
3) Vibration Analysis of Machines using MSC Software and Ansys
4) How to calculate work done for substances such as steam who do not have specific equation of state is taught.
5) CASES REQUIRING KNOWLEDGE OF HEAT TRANSFER – BRANCH wise -combined heat transfer process
6) various measuring instruments ranging from temperature measurement to hygrometers , anemometers etc
7) Principle of dimensional analysis Buckingham ‘pie’ theorem, application of dimensional analysis
8) Matlab-Testing competency using branching operations, looping operations, handling functions
9) Plotting, Labelling, annotating 2-D, 3-D plots
10) Application on GUI
11) Creating and modifying Simulink models of continuous time, discrete time and hybrid sysyems.
12) Preparation of different truss models, Identification of different types of Supports, beam within SSPU campus.(Engineering Mechanics Subject)
13) Sessions on understanding new technologies in IC engine with BMW N47 Engine.( Automotive Engineering Fundamental Subject , Vehicle assembly Subject )
14) Applications of Theories of Failure
15) Designing of Gears for Automobile Power transmission
16) Sessions regarding Material Selection and latest manufacturing processes used.
17) Comparison of various manufacturing processes and its implications in Design
18) Visualization of Flow of fluid in pipe with Ansys Fluent
19) Analysis of Automotive components using Ansys