Specialized Labs

Symbiosis Skills and Open University offers BTech in Automobile Engineering, a four years Degree course with 70% experiential learning topped with internship program that trains the students to acclimatize to corporate work culture.

In the course of their learning the students are taught in several workshops, labs and skill centers that are set up on the campus in collaboration with the industry and the experts. The aim is to ensure that the students undergo all the experiments and practical exercises in the simulated environment that best imparts knowledge and the understanding of the subject. The faculty lead every experiment and engage the students in effective learning process.

To facilitate the students and for a thorough understanding of the subject Symbiosis Skills and Professional University has established the following Labs, workshop and Skill Centers in its premises.

State-of-Art Lucas Nuelle Learning Factory

Lucas Nuelle is the training system for vocation education consist of various Training and experiment systems for practical work and demonstration it is a multimedia-based self-learning system for blended learning and infrastructure for Automobile engineering.  The labs are equipped with Essential diagnostic skills for cars and trucks. Including hybrid and electric vehicles.

Several training courses are available to teach trainees step by step the basic knowledge to be covered in detail. The courses has quiet easy user interface that make it simple to understand and require little knowledge. Each multimedia course starts by imparting the theoretical foundations before solidifying that knowledge by means of practical measurements. The particular focus is on handling measuring instruments.

Basic & Advanced Vehicle Electronics

The equipment are from LUCAS-NUELLE. This German Company, a pioneer for the development and manufacturing of high-quality training and education equipment has extended their boundary for installing this training equipment in the University for imparting the right skill to the students. The increasing importance of electrical and electronic equipment in vehicles is making it essential to learn the fundamentals of electronics in a practical, hands-on manner. Experiments specially crafted to reflect usage in vehicles make it possible to understand this vast topic in a simple way.

OBD Trainer

On-board diagnostics (OBD) is an automotive term referring to a vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability. Lucas-Nülle training systems for automotive technology offer trainees the outstanding opportunity to learn about the various aspects of how on-board vehicle networks are supplied with electrical power at an authentic practical level.

Fuel Cells and Hybrid Drive

As a cleaner alternative to electric/petrol hybrids with their own internal combustion engine, fuel cells may be in a position to supply electrical energy on the basis of two inexpensive and readily available substances. However, for automotive engineers, fuel cells represent a new and hitherto untried technology, for which maintenance and diagnostics will need to be learned. This course provides the necessary knowledge and understanding of the way that such fuel cells work and how they are put together. In addition, numerous experiments and measurements on an authentic fuel cell enable trainees to gain the practical experience and diagnostic skills required for dealing with this technology.

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Lab

The Hybrid and Electric vehicle electronics lab is meant for performing the skill and practical activities of subjects like Automotive Electronics, Vehicle Electronics and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. It contains state of art training systems and equipment like ABS system, ASR system, ESP system, Air bag system, Lighting system, Electronic fuel cell, photovoltaic cell etc. Lab consists of Integrated brand-independent drive concepts:
Serial hybrid drive with plug-in capability
Parallel hybrid drive with plug-in capability
Serial-parallel hybrid with plug-in capability
All-electric vehicles
Fuel-cell vehicles