Director's Desk

In the information age, which we all are part of, data is the source of power. Google, Amazon, and the likes are able to control the governments and states because of the data that they possess. However, this data is useless unless we can draw meaningful insights and use it for business and predictive analytics. Data Science which is an interdisciplinary field that uses multiple scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems in order to extract valuable information, knowledge, etc, has become the pathway to employment and research opportunities across the World.

In the past decade, data scientists have been able to achieve the position of being the most sought-after job assets and are currently holding major portfolios in various organizations. These professionals are well-rounded, data-driven individuals with high-level technical skills who are capable of building complex quantitative algorithms to organize and synthesize large amounts of information that can answer various real-life problem statements by helping to build strategy within their organization. This coupled with the experience in communication and leadership skills offers a complete package to various organizations or businesses as a whole.

We at the School of Data Science, Symbiosis Skills and Professional University offer graduate and post-graduate courses to the students who want to make it their career. Our teaching pedagogy is based on experiential learning so that the student passing out of this University, is ready for the kinds of job roles that the Industry offers.

With a degree in Data Science coupled with skillsets acquired at the SSPU, you will be approached by the best names and offered a handsome CTC at the end of your academic journey. During this journey, you will get an opportunity to learn different programming languages, data warehousing, mining, Big Data Analytics, modeling as well as AI algorithms so that you can contribute effectively to the organization you join. Welcome to the School of Data Science, Symbiosis Skills, and Professional University – your pathway to success!!