Director's Desk

The world is characterized by global changes at present. New dimensions have been added into the business due to the transformation of the world economy, from the old to the new, and the way businesses are carried out in a different way.

Being a skilled university, experts and academicians try to put their major expertise in imparting the practical knowledge and skills needed in the field of warehousing, Inventory Management, Agri – Cold Chain Management, Data Analytics, multimodal transportation, green Logistics and Supply Chain Risk Management.

Over the year, University has developed mastery in most of the other logistical services like freight forwarding, transportation, supply chain management solutions etc. Today we try to offer our stakeholders end to end logistical solutions all under one roof.

Our University is driven by a passion for excellence and continue to earn stakeholder’s faith by offering them services of the highest quality. With safety, integrity and experience being our main virtues, our team is committed to exceeding the demands of our customer’s and we shall continuously strive to offer premium service and value proposition to our valued customers.

As Director, Symbiosis Skills and Professional University, Pune, this is my pleasure to extend a heartily welcome to our new entrants. The University is making all-out efforts to promote quality in all Initiatives at SSPU, May it be curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular. We, therefore, expect our students to maintain quality and standards so as to make SSPU as first-rate University. We, at SSPU, lay a lot of stress in grooming our students in all aspect for securing gainful employment. We wish that our student will put in their best to face the challenges of the corporate world. In the times to come, we foresee the survival of the fittest. Students are required to work very hard to develop an appropriate hard and soft skill for gainful employment and entrepreneurship.

With these few words, I wish our students all the best at SSPU and a progressive, professional career.