Specialized Labs

Automation Lab

This lab contains the setups for Automation and Robotics. It contains Transfer system with DC drive, Factory automation including sorting sub system, assembly subsystem, process sub system, testing, handling and storage subsystem, production line, sorting, processing and assembly stations, PLC and bus technology (PLCs from Siemens like S7-300, S7-1200, and S7-1500), PLC model lift application, Basic Robot technology, sensors for automation and Industrial HMI.

Vehicle Electronics Lab

The vehicle electronics lab is meant for performing the skill and practical activities of subjects like Automotive Electronics, Vehicle Electronics and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. It contains state of art training systems and equipment like ABS system, ASR system, ESP system, Air bag system, Lighting system, Electronic fuel cell, photovoltaic cell etc. The lab also contains a car model from Volkswagen which provides hands on to students for repairment and various skill activities.

Microprocessor/Advanced Electronics Lab

PLC based Conveyor System

This lab contains the setups for Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Digital Signal Processors and Power electronics. The lab is equipped with different PIC,ARM CORTEX M3 boards,DSP boards,8085 kits, DC Machines,AC Machines, Asynchronous Machines, Synchronous and Slip Ring Machines, Stepper ,Servo, Linear Motors,3 phase Transformers, Power converters, Analog power supplies, Switched mode power supplies, Power semiconductor devices, operational amplifiers and circuit design using Multisim.

Skill activity in LN Lab

Testing of mini Project

Basic Electrical & Electronics/Control Engineering Lab

The equipment are from LUCAS-NUELLE.This German Company, a pioneer for the development and manufacturing of high-quality training and education equipment has extended their boundary for installing this training equipment into the University for imparting the right skill to the aspirant. The labs contains computer based training and experimentation system with Lab soft as an open experiment delivery platform. This lab contains the experimental setups of basic and advanced electronics, electrical,control systems, electronic measurements and instrumentation. The computers are also installed with TINA software for simulation work.

Waveform analysis in LN Lab

Siemens PLC in Automation Lab