National Conference on ‘Innovative Teaching-Learning and Training in Higher Education and Skill Development.’

SSPU’s Innovative Teaching-Learning Conference triumphantly concludes

Symbiosis Skills and Professional University (SSPU) recently hosted the highly anticipated National Conference on ‘Innovative Teaching-Learning and Training in Higher Education and Skill Development.’

As the first Skill University in the state of Maharashtra, SSPU, in collaboration with Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL), one of India’s largest autonomous distance learning institutions, organized this groundbreaking conference at the SSPU auditorium. The event aimed to promote high-quality education and innovative teaching methodologies, drawing appreciation from all esteemed attendees.

The conference, held on June 3, 2023, focused on the theme of ‘Innovative Teaching and Learning through Technology.’ It encompassed a diverse range of topics, including Conducting Virtual Classes, effective use of ICT tools for teaching and learning, and leveraging Open Educational Resources. The conference provided an excellent platform for educators, researchers, and professionals to exchange ideas and explore new avenues for enhancing teaching and learning experiences.

Dr. Gauri Shiurkar, Vice-Chancellor of Symbiosis Skills and Professional University, in her welcome address shared a brief about the unique national conference.

Dr. Swati Mujumdar, Pro Chancellor, Symbiosis Skills and Professional University (SSPU) in her welcome addressed threw light on various important aspects. She said, “The Skill India mission and the Make in India mission are extremely critical at the juncture that India is today. We have the youngest population of youth in our country and if don’t channelize them to skill development that demographic dividend may also become a demographic disaster. It is for Teachers like all of us, that we need to understand the importance of building skills in students in all our colleges, universities and institutes of higher learning. so that our students can become gainfully employed and job givers.” Dr. Mujumdar also shared that almost 30 percent of the SSPU students have started their start-ups or business.

Dr. Shyamal Majumdar, Former Director, UNESCO-UNEVOC was the chief guest for the conference. he shared, “To prepare quality teachers program what we need is first setting standards like attracting best candidates (teachers), Teachers training and retrain, leadership and management, Assessment and support. When it comes to teaching standards, you must have a competency framework that has resilience skills, digital skills, entrepreneurial skills, lifelong learning skills, and inclusive skills. Apart from this, you must have a conducive environment, infrastructure, industry linkage, and resources which SSPU is doing fantastically. 

Other eminent keynote speakers were Mr. Wesley Teter, Senior Consultant for Educational Innovation & Skill Development, UNESCO, Bangkok, Asia & Pacific Regional Bureau for Education and Mr. Manish Joshi, Project Officer, UNESCO-UNEVOC, Germany addressed the gathering virtually.

Two insightful panel discussions took center stage during the conference. The first panel discussion, titled “Learning How to Learn in Outcome-Based Education,” shed light on various aspects of this crucial topic. The second captivating panel discussion, titled “Innovative Strategies for Skill Development and Training,” garnered an overwhelming response from the attendees. The National Conference on ‘Innovative Teaching-Learning and Training in Higher Education and Skill Development’ served as a catalyst for advancing the field of education and equipping educators with the necessary tools and techniques to create impactful learning experiences. The event’s success further solidified Symbiosis Skills and Professional University’s commitment to excellence in education.