Program Details

Symbiosis Skills & Professional University has collaborated with Enrich Salons & Academy as our knowledge partner who has set up a state-of-the-art Training Academy on the University campus to provide students a live environment to work, which is as per the standards of CIDESCO specifications and serves a wide spectrum of skill activities. Our Labs gives the students an excellent opportunity to learn and have hands-on experience to launch their careers and convert their passion to a profession. The learning is enhanced by the qualified trainers from Enrich Salons and other prestigious institutes who lead the practical training sessions for the student at the university campus. We also take pride in having well-qualified faculty members with national and international experience, having worked for prestigious brands in Beauty and Wellness sector, who train the students to work with Private aesthetic Hospital, Hotel, Clinic, Wellness Spa and Skin Centers, Wedding and Event Stylist, Makeup Artist, Esthetician Research Organizations, Private Hospitals, Laboratories, Chemical Industries, Beauty Academy, Cruise liners, Gyms, Fitness centers, Diet centers, Yogic and Naturopathy retreats, Film Industry and Production houses . Our students are trained to create ‘a thing of beauty’ which ‘is a joy forever.’


Semester Codes Courses
Semester I BW101 Introduction to human Nutrition 
BW 104 Fundamentals of  skin  care
BW105 Fundamentals of Make up
BW106 Fundamentals of Hair Care
BW107 Basics of Anatomy and Physiology- I  
BW 108 Professional  Ethics and Counselling 
IDSC101 Communication Skills (conversational skills)
Semester II codes Courses
BW201 Fundamentals  of Food Science
BW202 Introduction to diet management  
BW205 Advance Skin Care
IDSC102 Communication skills -I
BW209 Basics of Anatomy and Physiology II
BW210 Professional Hair Dressing
BW211 Professional Make up Artistry
BW208 Internship for Beauty and Wellness 
Semester III codes Courses
BW301 Nutrition through Life Cycle 
BW303 Fundamentals of Cosmetology 
IDSC201 Personal Enhancement Skill-I   (Employability skills) 
WLNS302 Basics of Fitness and Strength Training 
BW305 Advance Hair Dressing
BW308 Beauty Electrotherapy 
BW307 Media Make up
Semester IV codes Courses
BW402 Business Management for Beauty and Wellness 
BW408  Holistic Weight Management
IDSC202 Personal Enhancement Skills-II
IDDM110 Disaster Management(Non Credit)
BW405 Fashion and Creative Make Up
BW406 Yogic Sciences BW406
BW407 Salon Hair Techniques 
BW410 Body Electrotherapy
BW409                     Fundamentals of Naturopathy 
BW404 Internship for Beauty and Wellness
Semester V codes Course
BW505 Alternate Therapies
MGMT501 Entrepreneurship Development
IEVS100 Environmental Studies
IDSC301 Professional Competency Skill –I 
BW503 Eastern and Western Spa Therapies
BW504  Portfolio Media Make up 
BW502 Diet Therapy
BW507 Portfolio Media Hair Creatives
BW506 Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals 
Semester VI Codes Courses
BW-602 Project/Seminar
BW 601 Internship for Beauty and Wellness