Program Details

As per latest analysis by Data Security Council of India (DSCI), Indian cyber security industry would grow at a CAER of 21.6% to touch an annual revenue of Rs. 1 Lakh Crores by 2024, the year our first batch of CSIT(Cyber Security) students would enter the market. School of CSIT will ensure that these students are “Industry Ready” in the true sense of the term before they appear for campus interview. School of CSIT offers 84 credits out of 219 for cyber security related subjects ranging from Governance, Risks, Compliance, Security, Engineering, Security Operation, Cyber Threat Intelligence and so on. The syllabus has been designed in consultation with the cyber security experts from the Industry and is aligned to the latest trends, tools and techniques being used in the cyber security domain.

What a Student can Expect at SSPU

● Campus
● Hands-On Labs
● Virtual labs
● Multiple Internship Opportunities (4 Internships)
● Interaction with Industry experts
● Training for Industry recognized cybersecurity certifications like CISSP, CISM,CISA, OSCP etc.

Program Structure

Sr. No Subject
1.1 Applied Mathematics-I
1.2 Sustainability and Environmental Studies
1.3 Digital Electronics Fundamentals
1.4 Computer Programming and Algorithms
1.5 Introduction to IT & Cybersecurity
1.6 Computer organization & Architecture
1.7 Business Communication Skills
Sr.No. Subject
2.1 Data Structures
2.2 Web Technology & Vulnerability
2.3 Operating System, Compilers & Security engineering
2.4 Human Behaviour & Psychology of Criminals
2.5 Python Programming
2.6 Applied Mathematics II
2.7 Life Coping Skills
2.8 Summer Internship
Sr. No Subject
3.1 Ethical Hacking
3.2 Computer Networks
3.3 Physical Security Devices / Procedures & Controls
3.4 Database Management System & Controls
3.5 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
3.6 Domain Foundation-I (Elective)*
Cyber Security Risk Management
End Point Security
Cyber Crime Detection Forensics and Laws
3.7 Personality Enhancement Skills
Sr. No Subject
4.1 Advanced Cryptography
4.2 Cloud and Infrastructure Security
4.3 Network Security
4.4 Digital Forensics
4.5 Application Security
4.6 Domain Foundation II(Elective)*
Secure Software Development
Security in Wireless Adhoc Networks
Mobile Forensics
4.7 Internship
4.8 Career Development Skills
Sr. No Subject
5.1 Malware Analysis
5.2 Cyber-Physical Systems
5.3 Communication Technology & Security
5.4 Security Testing
5.5 Innovative Project
5.6 Domain Advance-I*
Data Security and Privacy
Advanced Network Security
Network Forensics
5.7 Professional Competency Skills
Sr. No Subject
6.1 Blockchain and Cryptography
6.2 SIEM and SOAR
6.3 Cyber Threat Management
6.4 Authentication & Identity Management
6.5 Security Compliances and Audit Methodology
6.6 Domain Advance-II*
Open Source Intelligence Analysis
IoT security
Enterprise Cloud Forensics 
6.7 Behavior Skills
6.8 Internship
Sr. No. Subject
7.1 Security Architecture and Engineering
7.2 Machine learning for cybersecurity
7.3 Cyber Incidence planning and response
7.3 Project
Sr. No. Subject
8.1 Internship
8.2 Seminar