Program Details

The B. Arch has been mapped to the job roles in demand in the Industry. During the program, tenure students shall go through skill enhancement comprising internship and integrated seminars & workshops on selected topics working on real-time problems with the application of scientific methods.

The primary objectives of the B. Arch are to focus on sustainable architecture, watershed management, waste management, renewable energy technologies, building simulation, acoustics, thermal comfort, project management, and traditional and modern building technologies, to address the contemporary challenges in the field of Interiors and Architecture, through the professionally developed courses structure relevant to modern practices prevalent in the architecture world. The Architecture curriculum centers on the design of new buildings and places (urban/suburban/rural) including various functional and conceptual topics related to multiple housing strategies, institutions, mixed-use, public facilities, hi-rise, urban strategies, and land planning fundamentals, facades and details. Design coursework covers professional, technical, and theoretical topics concerning architectural history; technical coursework in environmental control systems; structures and tectonics; building enclosures and advanced building technology; sustainability integration; vernacular and regional studies, as well as other cultural and context-based studies.

We intend to develop the School as a catalyst for changing the creative scenario of architecture and design in the country. SSPU has actively engaged in practicing architects to steer the curriculum and academic prowess of its faculty.

Students will get a lot of opportunities to showcase their creativity and ingenuity while designing structures. Like an inventor who goes about making and designing new gadgets, students will be given the opportunity to design new buildings.

Both staff and students work together as a single unit in an atmosphere conducive to which fosters a healthy academic environment conducive to development.


Architectural Design Foundation – I Architectural Design Foundation – II
Building Technology & Materials – I Building Technology & Materials – II
Architectural Graphics – I Architectural Graphics – II
Humanities History of Architecture – I
Skill based Elective / Workshop -I Skill based Elective / Workshop -II
Structural systems & Design-I Structural systems & Design-II
Climatology Sociology / Anthropology
Theory of Design – I Theory of Design – II
Computer Application – I Computer Application – II
Communication Skills-I Communication Skills -II
Architectural Design – I Architectural Design II
Building Technology & Materials – III Building Technology & Materials-IV
Landscape Architecture -I Landscape Architecture-II
Architectural Graphics -III Working Drawing-I
History of Architecture -II History of Architecture-III
Special Skills Workshop -III Special Skills Workshop -IV
Structural systems & design-III Structural systems & design-IV
Surveying & Levelling Building Services-I
Theory of Design-III Theory of Design-IV
Computational Design Studio-I Computational Design Studio-II
Personal Enhancement Skills -I Personal Enhancement Skills-II
Architectural Design III Architectural Design IV
Building Technology & Materials-V Building Technology & Materials-VI
Environmental Studies Climatology-II
Working Drawing-II Working Drawing-III
History of Architecture- IV History of Architecture- V
Special Skills Workshop -V Special Skills Workshop -VI
Structural systems & design-V Structural systems & design-VI
Building Services-II Building Services-III
Design Research-I Design Research-II
Computational Design Studio-III Computational Design Studio-IV
Professional Competency Skills-I Professional Competency Skills-II
Architectural Design V Architectural Design VI
Advanced Building Technology & Materials-I Advanced Building Technology & Materials-II
Professional Practice-I Professional Practice-II
Specification Writing-I Specification Writing-II
Town Planning-I Town Planning-II
Skill based elective -I Skill based elective -II
Quantity Surveying & Estimating-I Quantity Surveying & Estimating-II
Building Services -IV Building Economics
Dissertation & Seminar-I Dissertation & Seminar-II
Computational Design Studio-V Computational Design Studio-VI
Practical Training Thesis
Skill-based elective -II
Disaster Management

Salient features of B. Arch Program

  • Architectural Design Learning is focused on spatial experiences and live case studies.
  • Building Technology will provide hands-on learning through carpentry workshops, construction yards & site visits.
  • In Architectural graphics, students will be trained in sketching, 3-D software, and various rendering techniques.
  • Model making workshop is a highlight of our program wherein students will work at various scales experimenting with different materials.
  • In-state of the art CAD/CAM Centre, students will simulate climatic data and structural systems.
  • Art Room will facilitate the students to develop creative skills like painting, mural making, clay modeling, etc.

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