Program Details

Retailing is changing today, and the business environment demands professionals with an ability to learn new skill sets, adapt and think out of the box. Today, an understanding of the complete value chain of the industry has become imperative for jobs at all levels in the sector. Keeping that in mind, the program has been designed in such a way so as to at provide a comprehensive view of retailing, e-commerce, digitization of retail and analysis of the retail environment and exposure to issues and developments in the industry.

BBA in Retail Management and E-Commerce Management will provide rigorous business and management education as well as functional specialization in Retail Management with special emphasis on ecommerce and digital technologies. In fact, this program will equip the student with advanced theoretical inputs and also its applications in the business.

On successful completion of the program, besides a career in the retail sector, this program will also provide a solid foundation for employment in any industry which interfaces with retailers.


Principles of Management Retail Merchandise Management
Theory and Applications of Retail Economics Elements of HRM and OB
Accounting for Business Decision Consumer Psychology and Buying Behaviour
Business Computing Introduction to E-Commerce
Principles of Marketing Retail Logistics Management
Basics of Retailing and Retail Operations EVS
Communication Skills-I Communication Skills-II
IDSC Talent Skills (Non-Credit, Choice Based) Internship I
Legal Practices in Retail and E-Commerce Retail Supply Chain Management and Dropshipping
Retail Store Design & Layout Planning Retail Store Operations & Mall Management
CRM in Retail and E-Commerce Retail Information System: Design, Approach, and Components
Market Research Techniques Fundamentals of Digital Marketing for Retail Business
Visual Merchandising Startups in Retail
E-Commerce Infrastructure and Framework in Retail Disaster Management
Personal Enhancement Skill-I Personal Enhancement Skill-II
IDSC Talent Skills (Non-Credit, Choice Based) Internship II
Product and Service Strategy Business Ethics and Governance in Retail and E-Commerce (MOOCs with INT III)
Branding for Retail Managers Start-ups in Digital Retail and E-Commerce (MOOCs with INT III)
Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management Internship
Digital Marketing and User Experience
Retail Data Analytics
Franchise Management
Professional Competency Skill –I
IDSC Talent Skills (Non-Credit, Choice Based)