B.Sc Nutritional Sciences

Program Details

Semester new codes Courses
Semester I BW101 Introduction to Human Nutrition
NS101 Community nutrition 1
NS102 Computer application and digital marketing techniques
NS103 Nutrition for Integumentary System
BW112 Basics of Anatomy
BW 108 Professional Ethics and Counselling
IDSC101 Communication Skills (conversational skills)
Semester II new codes Courses
BW201 Fundamentals of food science
BW202 Introduction to diet management
NS 201 Advance Human Nutrition
NS 202 Internship for Nutritional Sciences
NS 204 Basics of Physiology
BW214 Fundamentals of Naturopathy
BW215 Yogic Sciences
IDSC102 Communication skills -I
Semester III new codes Courses
BW301 Nutrition through life cycle
NS301 Food Science & quality control
BW311 Basics of Fitness and strength training
NS302 Basics of Immunotherapy
NS303 Institutional Management
NS304 Food Microbiology
IDSC201 Personal Enhancement Skill-I (Employability skills)
new codes Courses
Semester IV NS401 Advance Nutrition through life cycle
NS 402 Internship for Nutritional Sciences
NS403 Introduction to Nutrigenomics
NS 405 Community Nutrition 2
NS406 Nutritional Biochemistry
BW408  Holistic weight management
Ns407 Introduction to organic foods
IDSC202 Personal Enhancement skills-II
IDDM110 Disaster Management (Non Credit)
Semester V new codes Course
NS502 Theraputic Nutrition 1
NS503 Theraputic Nutrition2
NS504 Fundamental of Sports Nutrition
NS501 Basics of Food Technology
BW506 Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
MGMT501 Entrepreneurship Development
IEVS100 Environmental Studies
IDSC301 Professional Competency Skill –I
Semester VI new codes Courses
BW-602 Project/Seminar
NS 603 Internship for Nutritional Sciences