Data Science

M.Sc. Data Science Program Structure

Semester Course Code Courses
Semester 1 MSDS101 Principles of Data Science
MSDS102 Programming for Data Science
MSDS103 Essential Mathematics for Data Science
MSDS104 RDBMS techniques
MSDS105 Data Engineering
MSDS106 Applied Statistics using R
Semester 2 MSDS201 Linear Models in Data Science
MSDS202 Multivariate Analysis
MSDS203 Artificial Intelligence for Data Science
MSDS204 Data Visualization
MSDS205 Big Data and Data Clouds
MSDS206 Data Mining and Machine Learning
MSDS207 Internship
Semester 3 MSDS301 Natural Language Processing
MSDS302 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Techniques
MSDS303 Data Science with SAS/ SPSS
MSDS304 Deep Learning
MSDS305 Marketing Analytics using AI
MSDS306A Data Science Applications of Vision
MSDS306B Data Analysis in Economics & Financial Decision Making
MSDS306C Quantitative Genetics
MSDS306D Data Analytics in IOT
Semester 4 MSDS401 Dissertation