Program Details

MSc. in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics is a 2-year full-time postgraduate Master’s Program with specializations in one of the following three areas: Nutrigenomics / Nutraceuticals and Gut Health / Dietetics.

This program is designed to give enhanced knowledge in the field of Clinical Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Nutraceutical, Nutrigenomics, Food Science, Public Health, and Gut health.

Nutrigenomics Specialization will enable students to work in Nutrigenomic Research Institutes and Advanced Health & wellness centers. As a Nutrigenomics Professional, it is critical to learn and understand the relationship between genes and nutrients as well as the genetic variants of patients. This will enable students to design effective, genetically-focused, customized nutritional programs. On successful completion of this Specialized Master’s Program, students will be well-placed to comprehend the information included in genetic tests and will be able to translate it into nutritional recommendations for their patients.

Awareness about the role of food in maintaining good health and prevention of disease has increased dramatically resulting in a huge market opportunity for Nutraceuticals. The Nutraceuticals industry will need an increasing body of specialist trained manpower. Nutraceuticals and Gut Health students will study food elements, supplements, and nutrients, and their impact on the human body. Nutraceuticals are nutritional products that provide medicinal benefits in addition to their regular nutritional value (Nutrition + Pharmaceuticals).

This postgraduate program intends to create health professionals that are work-ready for a vocation in the areas for practice including private practice, clinical dietetics, food service management, NGO�s, sports nutrition, and further nutrition research in Nutraceutical, public health, and Nutrigenomics. The program also covers aspects relating to Motivational counseling and behavior which will allow students of this program to hone their skills in a professional environment.

Highlights of the program:

  • An integrated approach of Nutrigenomics, Nutraceutical, Gut Health, and Dietetics research.
  • Enabling interaction between patients and students during internship programs.
  • Hands-on training in Hospitals, Nutrition Research Centers, and Nutrigenomics Laboratories.
  • Participation in symposiums, research projects, and conferences in Nutrition & Dietetics.


Advanced Nutritional Biochemistry Food Service Management and Food Microbiology
Medical Nutrition Therapy-I Medical Nutrition Therapy-II
Advanced Human Physiology Diet Management for sports and fitness
Digital Techniques for Public Outreach Professional Ethics Of Diet Counselling
Internship for dietitian
Nutraceuticals and Gut Health I Nutraceuticals and Gut Health II
Advance Food Science Nutrigenomics II
Research methodology and Statistics Advances in Community Nutrition and public health
Nutrigenomics I Nutrition in Critical Care

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