Research & Publications

Dr. SIDDHARTH SHIMPI – Associate Professor

1. IJAMS-227847 Impact of brand mascot in advertising on brand image among Indian consumers. (In production) International Journal of Applied Management Science Refereed and Indexed Journal (Scopus and ABDC listed)

2. ISSN 0973-8703 Social Media as an Effective Marketing Tool: An Empirical Study. 2018 Indian Journal of Marketing Refereed and Indexed Journal (Scopus)

3. ISSN 0973-8703 Structural Equation Modeling for Men’s Cosmetics Behavior Research. 2016 Indian Journal of Marketing Refereed and Indexed Journal (Scopus)

4. ISBN 978-93-84935-59-7 Household Behavior for Solid Waste Management in Slums in Pune City. 2015 Research and Business Sustainability Conference – International Level

5. ISBN 978-93-5087-619-0 A factor analysis on customers’ perception attributes visiting shopping malls with special reference to Inorbit Mall in Pune city. 2014 Pinnacle Other

6. ISSN 2319-2836 A study on select demographic variables affecting consumer behavior for male cosmetics products in Pune city. 2014 Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing & Management Review Refereed and Indexed Journal (Open J-Gate)

7. ISSN 22785973 A factor analysis of product attributes for consumer buying behavior of male cosmetics in Pune city. 2013 SSIJMARRefereed and Indexed Journal (Google Scholar)

8. ISSN 2229-6514 An analytical study of selected factors influencing consumer buying decisions for male cosmetics products in the Pune region. 2012 Vishwakarma Business Review Refereed Journal

9. ISSN 22773622 A factor analysis on attitude characteristics of consumers buying behavior for male cosmetics products in Pune city. 2012 International Journal of Marketing, Financial Services and Management Research Refereed and Indexed Journal (Google Scholar)

10. ISSN An analytical study of selected situational factors influencing consumer buying behavior with special reference to male cosmetics products.2012 Anveshan Conference – National level

11. ISSN 2249-7463 Consumer buying behavior of selected marketing mix determinants with special reference to male cosmetics products. 2011 International Journal of Business, Management, and Social Sciences Conference – International level

12. ISBN Bollywood vs. Hollywood: A comparative analysis of consumer preferences of selected determinants in India. 2011 Epoch Strategies for Marketing, Family Business and Entrepreneurship Conference- National level

13. ISBN 978 9381361 05 4 A critical study of inventory management in the pharmaceutical industry at the stockiest level in Pune and Ahmednagar city. 2011 National Conference on Sustainable Development – A Competitive Edge Conference – National level

14. ISBN 978 81921739 3 1 Work-life balance of IT professionals in Lonavala city. 2011 International Conference on Business, Engineering, and Industrial Applications Conference – International level

15. ISBN 978 935024 945 1 Women Empowerment: Issues and Concern.2011 Confluence 2011 Conference – National level

Dr. PRASHANT CHAUDHARY – Assistant Professor

Publications and Content creation –

Authored two books, titled –

1) “Retail Marketing In the Modern Age” (SAGE Publishing) – ISBN: 9789351508694

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2) “Selling and Negotiation Skills- A Pragmatic Approach” (SAGE Publishing) – ISBN: 9789353282127

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  • Published research papers and case studies in high impact journals

Award and Recognition: 

  • Honored with “Performance Excellence Award” by GISR foundation at International Academic and Research Excellence Awards (IARE) 2020,
  • Honored with highly prestigious, “Rosalind Member of London Journals Press” recognition – as a symbol and gesture of appreciation for my research and publications – by London Journals Press (UK)