Research & Publications

Sr No Name of Faculty Description Date of Issue
Papers Published in Conferences
1 A)            Maternal Nutritional Status, age, pattern of gestational

weight gain and pregnancy outcome (studied 300 Omani

Women) in the Muscat Capital Governorate, Sultanate of Oman

 International Conference of Nutrition Proceedings 1996
2 Vitamin B-6 status of infants in relation to maternal

nutritional status (studied 150 women at Cooper Hospital,

Juhu, Mumbai)

International Conference Of Nutrition Proceedings 1993
3 A study of organization and management

of the dietary departments of Mumbai Hospitals (21 Hospitals

in Mumbai);

Bombay Management Group and Indian Dietetic association Proceedings 1990
4  A comparative study of 50 obese and 50 nonobese

girls (15-21 years)

National Institute of Nutrition Annual Proceedings 1987
Socio-Economic and Socio-Cultural influences on women’s nutritional status National Institute of Nutrition Annual Proceedings 1987
Unitcost, cost-effectiveness, and financing of nutritional


National Institute of Nutrition Annual Proceedings 1987
intervention and of health and medical practices
Co-relation between 9 servings of

protein in a day and weight loss (study sample of 50

vegetarian and 50 non-vegetarian subjects)

SAGE Journal Bahrain, 2014
Study of Body Composition Analysis

and its relation with various hormonal imbalances and prediabetic

conditions (studied 300 BCA’s)

SAGE journal Bahrain- 2015
BOOK PUBLICATION Book Publication – crèche and preschool management co-authored books published by the Maharashtra

State Board of Higher Secondary Education for the vocational

Courses 1991

INNOVATION  Development of diets and new passive activities for treatment of constipation (study sample of 150 constipated subjects) VLCC – Annual Report.- 2014
Compilation of yogic exercises and development of specific diets for therapeutic purposes (study sample of 20

subjects for each condition)

VLCC Annual Report- 2014
Development of practical guidelines for PCOD and Thyroid Diets (study sample of 300 subjects) VLCC Annual Report, Introduced in Practice By IMA -2015
 Development of Visual Guidelines for popular Arabic popular food Published by Bahrain Nutrition Association Journal 2016
Development of Detox Diets and Detox Therapies for Detoxification purpose

(study sample of 50)

VLCC Annual Report, Introduced in Practice by IMA- 2015
Weight loss data analysis of all the clients visiting centers and guidelines for Dieticians VLCC Annual Report , Introduced in practice by IMA- 2015
Nutritional values of Arabic recipes served in restaurants Govt of Bahrain, They included healthy section for every restaurant Menu Mandatory.- 2017
Bread production with reduced salt content


Accorded an approval from Ministry of Health and the Food and Drug Administration to be

labelled as “Low Sodium Bread” for the “Delmon” branded

bread of the company- 2017

Community Research Screening of children from 45 Municipal Schools (35000 students) in Bahrain for which Delmon organization provides midday


Funded and Published by Govt Proceedings Bahrain
Mobile Health Unit Funded and Published by INA Schaeffler Talegoan- 2019
Nutritional status and improvement 0-6 years Balwadi Children in Pune Funded and published by Deepak Group of companies- 2019
Mobile Health Unit – Roha Funded and Published by Deepak Group of companies-2020
Mobile Library – Roha, Got FICCI Award Funded and published by Deepak Group of companies- 2020
Mobile Toy center- Pune Funded and published by Deepak Group of companies- 2019
Homeless children project- Pue Funded and Published  by UNICEF – 2020
Mobile Health Unit- Baroda Funded and Published INOX- 2020
Papers Published in Conferences
Ø  Participated and  in 37th annual Delhi Diabetic Mela (2005)  and prepared 7 delicacies for diabetics

Ø  Presented a poster in International conference on “Relative effect of blended and interesterified vegetable oils with balanced omega-6 fatty / omega-3 fatty acids on levels in serum and tissue lipids in rats (IFCON 2008)”.


Presented and published a paper in 37th Annual National Convention of Indian Dietetic Association on “Suitability of sorghum and finger millet chapatti for diabetics in comparison to wheat chapatti”.


1 Meesha Sharma and B.R.  Lokesh Modification of serum and tissue lipids in rats fed with blended and inter esterified oils containing groundnut oil with linseed o Journal of Food Biochemistry. 37 :220–230 (2013).


2 Meesha Sharma and B.R.  Lokesh Effect of enzymatic trans- and interesterification on the thermal properties of groundnut and linseed oils and their blends J Am Oil Chem Soc 89:805–813. (2012).


3 Meesha Sharma, Navin K. Rastogi, B.R. Lokesh Synthesis of structured lipid with balanced omega-3: Omega-6 ratio by lipase-catalyzed acidolysis reaction: Optimization of reaction using response surface methodology Process Biochemistry 44:1284–1288 (2009)
Papers published in journals
1 Ruchu Kuthiala and Prashant Kumar and others Manuka Honey Natural and medicinal properties to treat Gastric Ulcers and various uses in Human Health 12th December,2020

IRJET Journal volume 7

2 Ruchu Kuthiala, Meesha Deshpande, Prashant Sharma and others. Beneficial Properties of Pomegranate fruit in treating constipation,boosting memory and various other uses for human body Issue 1 January,2021

IRJET Journal volume 8