Research & Publications

1.    Bandana Mahapatra. Anand Nayyar. Home energy management system (HEMS): concept, architecture, infrastructure, challenges and energy management schemes. Energy Systems. Springer, 2019. Pp-1-27.

  1. The highlights of the research are as follows:

With the rapid advancements in technologies like smart grid, network communication, information infrastructures, bidirectional communication medium’s, energy conservation methodologies and diverse techniques, Home area networks (HANs) have undergone a revolutionary change pertaining to various areas of power consumption domains like electricity usage patterns, energy conservation at consumption premises, etc. Under a robust smart grid paradigm, modern home equipped with HEMS contributes significantly towards efficiency improvement, economizing energy usage, reliability, as well as conserving energy for distributed systems. The objective of the research is to present a comprehensive review covering the various technical and conceptual aspects of efficient power management at home front.

2.    Bandana Mahapatra. si3-Industry: Cloud Computing in Industry 4.0. A Roadmap to Industry 4.0: Smart Production, Sharp Business and Sustainable Development. Springer, cham. Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation, Book Series. Chapter-6. Pp 113-126.

The highlights of the research are as follows:

The name “Cloud computing” has been named after the fact of information’s that are retrieved is generally found remotely either in the cloud or on a virtual space. Companies providing cloud services facilitates to the users, helping them to store files and applications at remote servers and thereafter accessing all data’s through the Internet. This implies the flexibility for the user to be able to access the resources and allowing them to work remotely as per their convenience. The concept of Cloud computing takes away the heavy burden of lifting required in the procedure of crunching and processing data off the devices the user carries around or sit and work at. The technology also moves all of these work into huge computer clusters present far away in cyberspace. Here the Internet takes place of the cloud, where the data, work, and applications are accessible from any device which can be connected to the Internet, irrespective of the geographic location. Recently the concept of cloud computing has contributed towards causing a major shift in the IT industry. Various new technologies have evolved, introducing new methods to virtualize IT systems and to access the required applications over the Internet, through web-based applications removing the need of any IT related costs for both hardware and servers.