Skill Development

Program based skills: Mechatronics

  1. Ability to recognise basic electronics components
  2. Ability to construct circuit and connect meters
  3. Ability to set meters and record readings and interpret the measured values
  4. Ability to apply fundamentals from basic sciences ( like physics, mathematics etc) and computer science to model systems in electrical and electronic engineering.
  5. Ability to use equipment effectively and safely to analyse electrical circuits, instrumentation, sensors and actuators.
  6. Ability to select appropriate sensors, actuators and control systems depending on application requirement in the domains such as industrial automation, process control, automotive electronics
  7. Analysis and design of electric circuits manually and by using softwares
  8. Analyse and design automatic control systems with respect to fundamental principles.
  9. Ability to design, simulate and analyze mechanisms and machines with soft wares like Multi-sim, TINA portal, Matlab and Simulink, CAD, CATIA and ANSYS.
  10. To develop and program advanced manufacturing systems such as industrial robotics and process automation by using Siemens PLC, TIA portal and RoboAnalyzer etc.
  11. Design mechatronics systems to meet or exceed a set of performance specification.
  12. Basic understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship, techniques of idea generation, launching a new company and business plans