Specialized Labs

A Research lab (area 600 sq ft) has been set up for Ports &Terminals and Logistics & Supply Chain Management which is used for simulation exercises. The Lab has models of different types of ships and wall displays and charts with global information to depict the important processes of the Ports and Logistics operations. The students are called in groups to familiarize them with the course content presented in the Lab. The activities in Skill and Practical are undertaken and conducted by the faculty members. Such exposure ensures students develop transferable skills to service Logistics activities in Ports, Terminals, Ship & Custom Agency, Exim Management, Free-Trade Warehousing Zones, Freight Management, Warehousing, Multi-Modal transport, and Cargo hubs. The students get trained to work in the actual work environment of Ports and Logistic sectors and sail through to deliver the last mile performance in any challenging job opportunity

Symbiosis Skills and Profession University is planning to set up Centre of Excellence for School of Ports and Terminals Management. The objective of the centre  of excellence is to tutor and train the students in use of  different  software solution used in the Industry.

The descriptions of Lab Software are as follows:

1.  Warehouse Management System.
2. Transportation Management System.
3. Ship Agency Management System.
4. Vessel Management.
5. Vehicle route planning simulation.
6. Tora software for Operations Research.
7. Container Terminal Operating System.
8. Voyage estimation software for Ship chartering.