Dear Students, We would like to inform you that the official Academic Sessions of SCOL will commence from January 3rd, 2022

Online learning has shown substantial growth over the last couple of years, as the internet and education combine to provide people with the opportunity to gain new set of knowledge and skills. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, online learning has become more centric in people’s lives.

There’s a huge demand from people to learn online for acquiring industry required skills due to rapid change of the world. We’re in a world that’s changing so quickly that skills that were valued just four or five years ago are no longer relevant therefore it forms challenge to the learners is to figure out what skills are emerging, what needs to be done to compete best in the global market

At this moment, online learning is becoming a massive catalyzer for people and companies to help the adoption of this rapid change in the world

Symbiosis Centre for Online Learning (SCOL) is committed to meet the vision of Government of India for enhancing Gross Enrolment Ration in Higher Education as per NEP-2020.

SCOL offers Online BA, B. Com, BCA, BBA, and MBA programs. It employs best of technology to impart quality education and employment opportunities to the students. In order to ensure quality, SCOL has best of faculty for teaching, evaluation, e-Learning and self-learning material preparation.

Students at SCOL will have access to e‐learning, live online classes with expert faculty, faculty chat sessions, e-books, on-demand exams, all delivered through a sophisticated Web portal, thus creating a large Virtual Campus.

Symbiosis Centre for Online Learning (SCOL) offers fully Online Degree programs – From your admission to teaching to examination, we provide you the opportunity to complete your entire program online.

At our end you will get:

Quality par Excellence – Curriculum is designed by the best of academic faculty. Symbiosis College of Online Leaning brings quality education to your door step.

Live Classes with Expert Faculty – Learn from best of faculty through live classroom teaching.

24/7 Learning – Learn on the move with our e-books and recorded lectures.

On Demand Examination – Appear for an exam whenever you are ready! You can choose your own date, time and location for appearing for an exam.

Affordable Quality Education – Our affordable fee structure

Dr.Atul Pati Tripathi

Director, Symbiosis Center for Online Learning.

“I welcome you on behalf of the Symbiosis Centre for Online Learning (SCOL) and thank you for showing your interest in us.

We all know that today we are living in a fast-changing complex society, which presents before us challenges as well as opportunities. In this context it all depends on every individual how one responds to the situation with the right attitude. With the changing technology, the field of education has experienced vast changes in itself. The internet has transferred the whole process of teaching and learning to the virtual world. By joining Symbiosis Centre for Online Learning, you are embarking on an education system that is meant to be transformative – academically, socially, and personally.

Our mission at Symbiosis Centre for Online Learning (SCOL) is to provide an inducive, secure online environment in which every student will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become accomplished, productive members of the ever-changing, global community. Our faculty is a very dedicated group of individuals who continue to focus on providing the best possible instruction for our students.

In Symbiosis Centre for Online Learning (SCOL), we offer flexible learning opportunities anywhere, anytime and to provide ultimate convenience, ease and flexibility to our students.

Wishing you the best!”