The health, beauty and wellness Industry in India is growing twice as fast as that of the US and European markets.

In India, the health, beauty, and wellness industry is currently the 10th fastest growing market globally and is growing at a CAGR of 18.6 %. The sector is thriving on the increasing section of the affluent and middle-class population that has started considering beauty and wellness as a necessity. Moreover, the increased emphasis on holistic wellbeing is another motivator for the industry. The rejuvenation segment is no longer perceived as a mere luxury service, but it is now acknowledged as an essential tool to de-stress.

The Beauty & Wellness sector has emerged as a leading employment creator in the last decade. Globalisation and lifestyle changes have created opportunities for rapid expansion and growth of this sector. As per the report by Global Hospitality Consultant HVS, India was listed as one of the top 20 Spa countries worldwide. The Ayurveda, Medical Spas, Spa rejuvenation centres are estimated to contribute over 30 per cent of the total income in the tourism industry.

With a shift in focus towards the quality of service, the industry has been looking to hire skilled labour to sustain growth.

The School of Beauty & Wellness aims to create a talent pool for this sector at all levels. The School offers a range of Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs in line with the industry requirement. The curriculum has been designed to ensure that the students are job-ready and employable on completion of the course. Taking this course will allow a student to further his or her understanding of modern trends, applications, and business management skills for the industry.

Enrich Salon & Training Academy on Campus

Symbiosis Skills & Open University has collaborated with Enrich Salons & Academy for providing hands-on training to the students. Enrich Salon & Training Academy has been set up on the University campus to give students with a live environment to work. The students will also be given an opportunity to do internships at various Enrich Salons in Pune & Mumbai. Qualified trainers from Enrich Salons will also be conducting practical training for the student at the university campus.

In the past five years, there has been a massive shift in the way service industries have been functioning. Beauty and Wellness is the fastest growing industry. As a result, the competition is high, which means the salaries are also improving in the industry.

Our course will allow students to become sound professionals across the following job roles:


  • Wellness coach
  • Fitness trainer
  • Corporate wellness Coach
  • Life Coach

Skin & Hair:

  • Aesthetician
  • Beauty & spa therapist
  • Hairstylist
  • Creative hair colorist
  • Celebrity hairstylist
  • Trainer


  • Professional make-up artist
  • Fashion and photography make-up artist
  • celebrity make-up artist
  • Bridal make-up artist
  • Trainer

Managerial roles:

  • Wellness center manager
  • Education specialist
  • Operations manager
  • Creative coordinator

Dr Archana Ainapure
School of Beauty and Wellness

We, School of Beauty and Wellness, Symbiosis skills, and Professional University uphold the ethos and values of the National Skill Development sector interacted with the science, knowledge, and technology of education leading to the creation of global Indian Entrepreneurs/ Managers who could perform under any circumstances.

By offering effective mentoring, psychometric analysis, wellness practices, availability of excellent library with a digital knowledge database, state-of-art labs and focused attention on every individual student by well-experienced faculty members of School Of Beauty and wellness, SSPU, We ensure to highlight potential to each individual student and prepare them to cope up with the high level of performance in the contemporary stressful world. We inculcate in the students the habit of lateral and innovative thinking, reading habit, research orientation, decision making capability along with nurturing and developing physical and mental strength to sustain and excel under any situation.

Our faculty members are young and enrich corporate world experience backed by excellent academic expertise. Over and above the academics are the part of the Symbiosis Skills and Professional University syllabus, lot of certificate courses on contemporary emerging subjects and practices adopted by the business organizations like CIDESCO, ABTC, IDA, RD, Supply Chain Management, Portfolio Management, Derivatives, and Commodity Market, Excel workshop, are carried out to add additional knowledge and effective mentoring to the students who get a better cutting edge and competitive advantage over the Beauty, Wellness, Nutrition students of other Institutes.

Excellent infrastructure which includes Air-conditioned classrooms, Labs, Library, LCD projectors, PowerPoint presentations, and providing online teaching notes makes learning enjoyable and easy to absorb.

Apart from the students’ placement committee, dedicated faculty members along with the support of the entire faculty fraternity prepares and guides the students for securing placement in the Industry. A highly dedicated effort is made by the entire University’s students and faculty to assist students in getting a good job as well as guiding and helping those students who want to be entrepreneurs.

A separate ‘Inter-Disciplinary Science’ including soft skills such as Personal grooming spoken English, body posture, stress management, voice modulation, transaction analysis, presentation skills, etc. are imparted to the students to enable them to compete better with the students of other Universities. We concentrate on the all-round ‘Holistic Development’ of our students in all aspects thereby enabling them to acquire the competency to deliver efficient and effective use of knowledge in practical real-life situations furthering the performance excellence of the students in the organizations they join and add value from the first day to their existing system.

Finally, I would like to conclude my message with a quotation from Swami Vivekananda’s saying – “We want that education by which character is formed, the strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet”.

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