Soft skills are personal attributes, typically associated with how you work and communicate with others, which are necessary for professional success and your career development. Soft skills make it easier to form relationships with other people which makes you visible for the right reasons, consequently unlocking more career-related opportunities for you. Regardless of where you work and what job you have, you will need some soft skills. For many people personality development skills, and interpersonal skills are the most difficult skill-set to develop
Interdisciplinary science school is a unique school in SSPU which plays a vital role as a bridge between all the schools that connects all disciplines together. Employability skills are a need for the success in any field. Different types of employability skills provided under IDSC, make a holistic development of a candidate and enables him to take up any professional and personal challenges. Interdisciplinary science has been incorporated in the curriculum of SSPU to provide additional inputs, competencies and skills to make students ready for the corporate world. The skills like presentation and expression skills, interview and interacting skills at workplace, effective use of time, etiquettes and mannerism, positive attitude and teamwork are as essential as academic skills for professional success. IDSC harnesses soft skills which include communication skills, writing skills, managerial skills, thinking and creativity, innovation, and progression. Thorough training and practical exposure inculcate the highly demanded skillsets to be an effective workforce locally, nationally, and globally. The well-equipped training studios and experienced high quality teaching resources cater the most important need of personal enhancement skills and professional competencies skills.

Program Structure of IDSC

Communication Skills-I
(conversational Skills)
Communication Skills-I I
(Life coping & writing skills)
Personal Enhancement Skill-I
(Self-Awareness & Personal Development)
Personal Enhancement skills-II
(Self-Awareness & Personal Development)
Professional Competency Skill –I
( Employability skills)
Professional Competency Skills- II

( Employability skills)

Dr. Deepa Karandikar
Phone – 9850968473
Email –

Course Name              Modules 

Course Code


Communication Skills 1

( Conversational skills )

  • Orientation & Pre-assessment
  • Introduction to effective communication Skills-I
  • Listening Skills
  • Reading Skills
  • Spoken communication skills
  • Phonetics-correct
  • pronunciation Skill
  • Nonverbal Communications
  • Presentation skills
  • Professional Skills as per sector specific need    (NSQF)


Sem- I IDSC101




3 Credits

Communication Skills II

( Life Coping Skills and Writing Skills )


  • Vocabulary
  • Reading skills
  • Study Skills
  • Effective Formal Writing
  • Thinking Skills:
  • Impression creation:
  • Professional Skills as per sector


IDSC 102


3 Credits

Personal Enhancement Skills I

(Employability Skills )

  • Developing Speaking Skills-I
  • Developing Speaking Skills-II
  • Interview Skills, Self-Introduction
  • Mock interview skills
  • Know Your Company – KYY
  • Personality Development & Presentation Skills
  • Sector-Specific skills

Sem- III IDSC 201


Credits 3

Personal Enhancement Skills II

(Employability Skills )

  • Building the right Attitude
  • Behavior & responsibility
  • Goal Setting
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • Resume: Soft copy & Video Resume
  • Self Esteem/ Self-Confidence:
  • SAR: Success stories
  • Situation – Action – Result  attainment STORIES
  • Group Discussion and Personal Interview,
  • Presentation Skills  :
  • Power of positive thoughts & optimism
  • Personality Development
  • Values & Ethics



Sem- IV IDSC 202




Credits 3

Professional  Competency  Skills I
  • Resume: Soft copy & Video Resume
  • SAR stories: Success stories
  • Situation
  • Achievement
  • Situation  –  Action – Result  attainment STORIES )
  • Advance communication Skills
  • Competition: Personality contest
  • Talent contest
  • Advanced Group Discussion
  • Personal Interview
  • Internship: Project making & presentation
  • Article Writing
  • Professional Skills as per sector specific need    (NSQF)


Sem-V IDSC 301



Credits 3

Professional  Competency  Skills II
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management
  • Money Management
  • Problem Solving Skills & Decision making
  • Relationship Management
  • Personality Development & Presentation Skills 



Credits 3

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