Dr. Preeti Bajaj

Symbiosis Skills and Professional University.

Dear Students and Parents,

A warm and affectionate welcome to the youth who aspire to be a part of the Skill and Professional fraternity at Symbiosis Skills and Professional University (SSPU), Pune.
India has the youngest population in the world and to reap the benefit of this demographic dividend and engage our youth in gainful employment, it is very essential that our youth is Skilled properly. Thus, we endeavor to develop a healthy Academic and Skill governance structure as a bee-hive for research and innovation, product development, and service delivery. This provides highly productive manpower required by the Industries for the industrial and economic growth of the country.

At SSPU the focus is on the development of contemporarily relevant curriculum in association with Industry, Sector Skill Council ensuring meeting and beating various benchmarks of Industrial requirement for early and better employment.

It is a priority at this First Residential Skill University to establish linkages with industry at the National as well as global level. The University is working on the vision and mission of the Government of Maharashtra and the Government of India for Skilling every youth.

SSPU aims to address the challenges of vertical mobility, social acceptability, long-term sustainability, industry expectations, and quality Skill training by offering Certificate, Diploma, and Degree programs in line with the industry requirements, to varied sections of our society including the formal and informal sectors.

The University campus is a model place of learning and a hub for industries to set up their training academy and learning factories. The University’s modular course structure allows students to the bank and transfer credits in order to enter and exit the University with flexibility.

Skill development leads to the ‘learn-to-earn’ concept and the same is very much required in our country where the raw material for industry is available but needs ‘Skilling’ for better and quality productivity.
All the ingredients required for Quality education & Skill development are available in our University, which mainly includes an Attractive campus, Good Infrastructure, Labs equipped with the latest equipment, Industry tie-up, Vibrant life, and competent Faculty with Academic and Industry experience.